Be limitless in your pursuit for greatness.

Have the courage to create your own path. Greatness is waiting for you at the end of your journey. Hang in there.

Have the courage to create your own path. Greatness is waiting for you at the end of your journey. Hang in there.


What does it mean to live?

I cannot answer for someone else but I can share with you moments where I felt alive. As a student by day, I discovered that I seem to exist when I’m doing dull work like studying through out the night for a test, reading dull textbooks written by people whom I’ve never met and will probably never meet in my life. I exist when I struggle with a block of programming in visual basic that took the lecture 30 minutes to explain but is taking me 3 hours to figure out. I exist when I sit through an hour of lecturing that sounds more like a political manifesto and induces feelings that can be likened to those of a funeral advertisement.

In contrast to these thing, I find myself alive when I’m creating, writing this gives me a satisfaction that can only be equaled to that of a artist painting great work. I live when I pick up the guitar and creating melodies that ignite my soul. I live when I’m in the company of like minded thinkers, sharing ideas and having conversations that stimulate, challenge and energize. I live when I’m in nature, nature has an mystical but real feel about it. The stars appear at night only to disappear by day creating an illusion only to reappear at night. They are close enough to see but are far and out of reach, they spark a curiosity in me that modern science cannot quench. I exist when I laugh, play, dance, smile, when I’m happy.

You only live love why waste it all on simply existing. Break free from existing and find meaning. True for me freedom is a state of mind. Now ask yourself What makes you alive?


5 Important success lessons from Siphiwe Tshabalala

1 .Work hard and stay hungry

“When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a professional soccer player. Istarted playing on the streets of Soweto like any other kid.”

2.Change perceptions, don’t conform to the status quo

“I moved into business to break the perception of soccer players misusing their money and not being serious about their financial future. ”

3. Be passionate and strive to be better than your last game.

“One is that you’re only as good as your last game. Your success is determined by the drive and effort you put in to reach it. If you lose the hunger to be the best, you’ll lose your edge.”

4. Dost waste time thinking, take opportunities and if they ain’t any then create them.

“The second lesson is to grab opportunity with both hands. Sport is a short-lived career and you have to make the best of it while it lasts. I’ve enjoyed my career, but you also have to plan for when it is over”

5. There are no shortcuts to success.

“You have to be patient and it might be years before you see results. I didn’t score that goal in the 2010 FIFA World Cup by waking up one day and wishing it would happen, similarly I’m still one of the best soccer players because I continue to persevere.